I am beyond thrilled to finally find my passionate niche.  I have enjoyed a successful career in leadership positions with NASA, the Texas Medical Center, New York City,  Tucson and San Francisco law firms.  In recent years, I have added executive coaching to my career with a focus on higher education institutions and corporations.  All along the way, I was frequently asked by senior leaders to support them in working through conflict and difficult conversations.

Imagine my utter delight when my work with Karen surfaced my perfect niche – supporting leaders with cringe moment decisions and conversations.  It took me 60 years to winnow my coaching to this expertise.  

Karen’s support, teaching and guidance have made ALL the difference to me.  Don’t wait 60 years to find your niche – sign up NOW for Karen’s program.

Rachel Scheming, PCC

Cringe-Moment Conversations

I resisted my niche for a long time and whilst I know the type of client I wanted to work with, finding them and marketing to them was hard work. I had such a open net that it was impossible to really hone in on their unique challenges and craft a conversation that felt like it was meant just for them.

Through working with Karen, I came to recognise this resistance and the minute I began to own my niche things started being easier. The Niche Remedy intensive got me crystal clear on who they were, their challenges, desires and the results I could offer.

So clear that I literally attracted my first ideal client the very next day who immediately signed up for a program at value of 1500$.

Keely Capel, CPC

Real Estate Mums

I was privileged enough to join the first group of the Niche Remedy. I was delirious with excitement. I counted the hours and could not wait to start.

The first session was four hours. When Karen said our time was up, I was gobsmacked. How was it possible that time flew past so quickly? Her class was precise, practical and generous. I could feel from the word go Karen is investing in each one of us. This was not a numbers game for her.

It was intensive and it was great to have space where I could retreat and give my coaching practice the nurturing and love it deserves. The progress was leaps and bounds. I gained clarity but was also challenged to go beyond my own limiting beliefs and reach out.

Karen, you are exceptional. You draw out the best in coaches. You are generous with your whole being, not only your knowledge. 

Rida Viljoen, CPC

Parent Coach

I hesitated to sign up for Niche Rx because of how my circumstances had changed so quickly during the pandemic.  

Well after our call on day one of Niche Rx,  life took a detour once again!  After prayer, I made the decision to keep going with Niche Rx.  (There’s a story there.)

It was the best decision, all around, I could have made.  I loved it and I left with such clarity & confidence.  The compressed schedule helped me focus and concentrate my (business building) attention on one specific topic, broken down into 4 daily doable actions.  This helped me keep moving forward and “finish” a huge business building foundation block! (Another story behind this.)

My coaching & life mission is to help people navigate the detours, distractions, and delays of life and still accomplish their dreams and goals.  I live that every day.  And, now I am on my way to creating a business that allows me to do that.

Karen, today I booked a $1,500 ideal client and she came to me!  So I thank you for what you do and how you do it.

Teresa Dabney

Strive 4ward Coaching